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Collaboration that works for your Business

A proven messaging platform powered by LBG Mail Server technology, including Webmail, Instant Messaging and List Servers .

Secure, reliable instant messaging enables real-time collaboration. 

Instant messaging combines the best characteristics of telephone and email communication. It has the immediacy of the telephone without the interruption and the convenience of email without the delay.

The addition of instant messaging to your business gives users the ability to choose the method of communication that best fits their current need. This leads to improved collaboration and productivity which is important in today’s fast-paced workplace.

According to Osterman Research 63% of enterprises in 2003 had at least some level of instant messaging within the corporate network. Osterman forecasts that IM penetration will grow to 91% (a 20% CAGR) by the end of 2006.

Instant messaging has made its way into the business world through the use of unsecured consumer clients communicating via third party servers. LBG Instant messaging gives businesses the comfort of knowing that communications are secure and confined to the business. Bringing the server in-house provides the ability to control usage and uptime.

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Myrtle Beach Web Design - Myrtle Beach Web Hosting - Myrtle Beach SEO