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“Less Work, Better Protection”


  1. Daily Backup your files, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino / Notes and Oracle
  2. Fully automated. No administration required.
  3. Send business data offsite to a secure data center 
  4. Protect business data against natural disasters, e.g. fire, flood as well as terrorist attacks. 
  5. Save you time and money
  6. Easy to deploy and maintain


  1. Easy to use web interface
  2. Customizable backup schedule allows backup to be scheduled at any time 
  3. Compress and encrypt data automatically before sending them to the server (server stores only encrypted data)
  4. Increment backup strategy ensures that only new or updated files are sent to backup server
  5. Backup Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 / 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 / 2003,  Lotus Domino / Notes 5.0 or above and Oracle 8i/9i (support both full / incremental backup)
  6. Access backup data anytime, anywhere by using a browser
  7. Comprehensive backup report lists all files being backup. Backup report will be delivered to user automatically via email when each backup job completed. 
  8. Backup data are CRC validated before they are stored on server.
  9. Customizable data retention policy allows user to access files even when they have been deleted.
  10. Select files to be backed up easily by using backup filter, e.g. selecting all *.doc and *.xls in your computer in a single operation
  11. Run any custom OS commands before/after a backup job.
  12. Run on Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and all other platforms supporting a Jave2 Virtual Machine.
  13. LiveUpdate allows patches to be deployed to hundreds of clients easily
  14. System activity report, showing all backup system information, will be delivered to system administrator via email everyday.


  1. Point-to-point SSL communication between server and client
  2. Support HTTP/HTTPS Proxy and Socks v4/v5 firewall 
  3. Data are 128-bit encrypted when stored on backup server
  4. Choice of different encryption algorithms, e.g. TwoFish, Triple DES, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  5. Choice of different encryption modes, e.g. Electronic Cook Book (ECB) and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
  6. An random initializing vector, salt and iteration count will be generated by the software automatically when encrypting your data
  7. Each backup user can restrict online access to his files to his pre-defined list of IP addresses

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Myrtle Beach Web Design - Myrtle Beach Web Hosting - Myrtle Beach SEO